Amazing 21 Online Jobs For Students (Monthly Earn Rs. 40,000)

Top 21 Online Jobs For Students

Top 21 Online Jobs For Students: if you are a college student from Pakistan and find an opportunity to earn extra cash? If yes, then you are in the right place! There are more than online jobs available to choose from suitable for students. 

In this blog, we talk about the 21 top jobs available online for students in pakistan. If you find jobs in writing, data entry, and social media marketing. We provide you with some internet based jobs that are ideal for you. 

We will provide several online jobs both full-time and part-time. They are not only for Pakistani people but also offer the opportunity to earn an impressive amount of income. They are easy and simple steps and tasks that can be 100% working from home with no investments and expense. Let’s get started and look at these. 


Top 21 Online Jobs For Students



Online Jobs For Students In Pakistan 


01: Data Entry Jobs 


The most popular and famous job opportunity online on the internet is date entry. It’s so easy and simple, you just use minimum effort and make a decent amount of cash. There are a wide range of businesses that provide data entry jobs. But some of the most famous and well known companies are include links as Aureus, Trust Circle Data Entry as well as azure solution. 


02: Writing Jobs 


If you are interested in writing there is the biggest opportunity to write the article sitting at home. There are lakhs of blogging platforms where students can earn money to write articles and stories and sell their own services on some websites. Such as,, and etc.


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03: Social Media Marketing


Best online jobs available to students in Pakistan include those that provide students the opportunity to use their social media expertise. Social media marketing through media is one of the most fantastic growing fields in the world at that time, mostly due to the fact that it has become attached to companies and brands. 

Companies are attached such as Social Zoom, ICE Media Lab Along with webmaster depot offer and social media management solutions that provide the offer to the students to manage the client account while they are sitting at home. 


04. Video Shooting


First of all you should know video shooting is now the popular way to promote your business through making videos and uploading them to youtube and facebook.

In light of the recent trend of video editing and production, some businesses, especially advertising companies, require these services providers that can work from their own location and time table schedule. If you like video editing and if you love video making then this is among the best online jobs for students from pakistan.


05. Online Jobs


Today online jobs are becoming more popular and are gaining services among the Pakistani young students. There are more than part-time jobs available on the internet. And you can easily find on the internet that you can complete your task by staying at home. 

There are numerous suitable job sites online in Pakistan where thousands of people and students are working part-time and earn a good monthly earnings by providing their services on the internet.  


06. Youtube Submissions


A lot of companies and people are searching to find fresh content on youtube and put content on their youtube channels. If you like creating clips and videos then uploading to youtube. This is a basic and ideal way to earn money while doing your passion. 


07. Facebook Posting Jobs


Today facebook has grown your business to be one of the strongest marketing tools that provide your services to grow your business easily. There are many companies that find talented people to complete basic tasks like facebook commenting, Linking & Sharing and posting. They complete tasks from your home and facebook gets paid handsomely to do them. 


08. Seo Jobs


The Best Online Jobs available to students in Pakistan consist of a wide range of various tasks related to SEO (search Engine Optimization). These jobs require a minimum expenditure and all you require is internet access. 


09. Online Survey Jobs 


If you enjoyed and completed surveys. It is easily possible to earn money from them through different sites such as and These websites will provide you different types of surveys. These websites will permit users to complete a paid survey during their part time. 


Online Jobs For Students


10. Selling Goods On Ebay 


Another easy way to earn money from home is by selling items on ebay. This isn’t a fast way to become rich overnight. If you are interested in selling products online and you spend time on different sites then it is possible to earn an excellent income. 


11. Youtube Partner Program


If you have a youtube channel and monetize with the youtube partner program the youtube will give you 55% of the adsense revenue from your videos which you have uploaded on the youtube and website.


12. Video Formatting


 We are offers to video formatting services at very low price. If you have passion for video formatting and making videos, That is a big opportunity for you to earn money online and that is an excellent way for you to start earning money. 


13. WordPress Website Making


Some companies and organizations are hiring freelancers to make WordPress websites for them. If you know and have knowledge of making websites then you can provide your services and make money online. Stay at home. That is a brilliant way to generate good money.


14. Illustration Services 


If you have a passion for creating digital art and drawing then this is best online jobs for students in pakistan. Many Organizations and companies are looking for good drawing and digital art and advertising. So you can offer your services to them and create a very good income in your part time. 


15. Digital Media Manager: 


If you have passion for social media use and believe that you are one who knows what people want to search to see on facebook. By using facebook you can earn some good money by offering your services to big companies. 


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16. Online Teaching


If you have a passion for teaching and love teaching and meeting new people, then this is one of the best online jobs for students in pakistan. You get start an online company where you will be guide and teaching forgive students like as how to speak english through skype.

You can also teach match, tech and science and any others subjects to students of your age. It is very easy jobs which you can easily run from home and it can generate you good income in your part time. 


17. Online Writing Content


If you are good at writing content skill then that is another way for you to make money from home. There are many companies which is looking for good writers who can provide services to company through content writing. Company will be paid for you. If you complete your services to them.


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18. Online Advice and Services


A lot of people are looking for good advice on the internet and if you believe that you can provide offers to your client such as advice, then this is another fantastic way to make money from home. You can just start a website where you will be sell your offers and services and earn handsomely income in your part time. 


19. Online Watch Videos


This is the easiest and simplest online job for students in Pakistan because in this field you can just watch videos on the internet and earn money online. 


20. Online Photo Editor


If you have hold a passion for editing photos and believe that you can provide your services to the people with good photo editing services that is another way for students to make money from home. You can show your work on websites. Such as fiver and people per hour and provide photo editing services to their clients. This is a fantastic way for students to make good money in their part time jobs. 


21. Ebay Auctioning


If your passion is collecting rare items then this is one of the best online jobs for students in pakistan. You can collect rare items and auction them on ebay stores and set up at their higher price. You can sell their rare items when the prices are low. And you can make some good money in your part time job. 


22. Blogging On WordPress


If you have a passion for blogging and always your wish to start your own blog, but never got knowledge down to it. So don’t worry, you can easily start your own blog just by following some steps. This is one of the best online jobs for students in pakistan. You can start your own blog and earn money online in your free time.


About This Post:


These days different types of online organizations and companies are working to offer online jobs for students in pakistan. The need is just to approach these organizations and gain knowledge of how students can make online money at home without any investment.  

There are various types of ways available on the internet to earn online money for students according to their skills and ability. 

But the main basic thing is connecting to the internet connection and holding a computer, laptop and mobile and the basic use of computers. 

So friends, you will read all these ways and companies and organizations offering online jobs for students in Pakistan without any investment. I have also discussed the eligibility criteria for this online job which is also important for every student to fulfill as per the criteria written down in this article.  




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