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Adsense revenue

New Google Adsense Publishers have lots of information about increasing google adsense revenue. But the problem is in understanding and applying them. 

In today’s article we are going to give you 10 tips to increase google adsense revenue by following which you can earn from google Adsense. And these tips will be easy for you to understand and you can easily follow them. 

Here are two great ways to increase your Google Adsense earnings: one you can improve CPC and CTR. You can increase the maximum organic traffic and adsense click through rate on your site.


Adsense revenue


With these two methods you can easily boost your adsense revenue and be a new blogger and if you don’t know about all of them then there are some easy ways to read about ad optimization and increase your adsense revenue. 


Increase Google Adsense Revenue 10 Tips 


Before reading this article today. You must optimize your content and keywords then you can follow all the tips and increase your adsense revenue. 


1. Read Adsense Guidelines


As you know, Google has explained everything to you in its Google service guidelines. If you want to earn from Google AdSense. First you need to know Google Guidelines Privacy & Service.


2. Test Website Design & Theme 


You should thoroughly check the theme and design of your website and check in your website theme whether it is loading fast and not and it is adsense friendly. If not, the faster your website loads and the more AdSense optimized. The better you will get AdSense Revenue and AdSense Ad Performance.


3. Add Minimum Ad Units


Previously you had a limit of three ad units per page then later the page policy on Google AdSense Ad limit has been removed but still uses only 2-3 ad units per page.

Using a more ad unit will reduce the search of your site page and at the same time reduce the user interest in your site.


4. Choose most popular Ad Unit


Google Adsense provides us with many types and sizes of ad units. We have to use those ad units which are very famous and most popular and the web page which is most used. 

For Example: 728*90, 336*280, 300*250 etc.


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5. Use Text And Images Ads 


AdSense allows us to select custom ad types. If you wish you can display ads and text ads in your blog. But using both tax and display ads would be better for our blog. This is the best way to earn money from AdSense. 

And design your ads according to the color of your website. Doing so makes the user feel more interested in your ads.


6. Add Internal Links 


Use at least the internal links in a single page where there are no more internal links. More than internal links not only the problem in SEO but also in the CPC of your Adsense and the CPC will be reduced. 


7. Use Google Search Box 


Usually we use the default search box platform. It is better to use Google custom search box. Not only is it user friendly, but you can also increase adsense revenue by viewing ads with search results.


8. No Use Extra Tricks


On this day you will find many tips and tricks on the internet that can help you increase your Google AdSense revenue.

But never use the some tricks that cause Google policy violations. Doing so would google disable your Google AdSense account.


For Example:


Don’t click on your own ads and don’t let anyone else click on your ad and never try to increase the Google AdSense revenue by getting paid traffic from any website.


9. Try Ads Blocking


As you all know, Google AdSense provides us with an ad blocking feature. Which we can use to block all ads that have nothing to do with our content. 

As if your site is on a health topic but there is a sports ad coming to your site then we can block this sports ad. These are low cpc ads.


10. Follow Adsense Heatmap


Adsense Heat Map means a photocopy of Adsense Ad Placement. To check it out, go to Google Search Images now. And search Google heat map as you type search and you will come across many adsense heat maps.

You can also search for this heat map by year. Such as AdSense Heat Map 2022, this way you can search. You can understand this properly and place ads on your website.


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About This Post:


I can assure you that if you follow these tips. Your Google AdSense revenue will be 100% increased and you will be earning more than before within 10 and 15 days.

Follow these tips and wait ten to fifteen days and then let us know if you have any benefit from these tips. And if you have any other tips on how to increase a Google Adsense revenue let us know.

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