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In today’s article I am going to tell you about the AdSense best ad placement and today’s post is exclusively for my AdSense publisher. and I am going to tell you the master tip in AdSense ad placement. Follow this tip on your blog you can earn adsense cpc 0.08 to 0.10 to your blog niche and can get 1000 page views in at least 50 clicks.


No.1 Secret Adsense Best Ad Placement For Beginners


Most bloggers cry the most about earning. These are the bloggers who spend a whole month waiting for the 21st date in AdSense payment data


AdSense best ad placement


100% Working Adsense Best Ad Placement Secret Tips 2022 


Some time ago I wrote an article in which I told you how to make 1000 dollars from a blog. In this blog I gave you some tips to make a thousand dollars from a blog. 

Very few people know how Adsense works. Which is why they get wrong ad placement in their blog. They will either put too many ads in their blog and they will put auto ads in their blog. Which makes ad impressions too high and CPC too low.

Low CTR keeps displaying low CPC ads on your blog. This is a great reason to get low CPC.

Now we talk about the adsense best ad Placement. You should read Google Guidelines then you will ad placements on your blog then you will receive a 100% result. 

You will become an expert on Google Adsense when you have complete information about it and you will fully understand it. You must know some of the main points in the adsense best ad placement and you need to understand it. 

  1. Ad Location
  2. Ad Type 
  3. Ad Size 
  4. Ad Format
  5. Ad Colour

You should know this point. I will tell you this with a complete detail. 


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1. Ad Location 


First of all you have to understand which ads placement is best for you and at which location adsense best ad placement can be better for you. And also know what location can be useful for ads placement for you?

The location that is better for me is not necessarily the same for you. Because there is a difference between me and your readers and interest. But still some locations can be quite beneficial in which

  1. Above the post
  2. Site Header
  3. Bottom the post 
  4. Between the post and after 2/3 paragraph 
  5. Sidebar (not recommended)

Here are some of the locations I will share with you my experience but I will not suggest you in the sidebar because you all know that most of our readers use mobile. Which is why Ad clicks are low but you can still try Ad Experience. 


2. Ad type


You need to choose the right ad type so that you can get maximum good results. Google AdSense only allows you to have 3 ads. 

  1. Text & display ads
  2. Display ads only
  3. Text ads only

You need to know which ad type is best for you and which can benefit you the most. If you look at my calculations and experience then the fast and responsive ads type is best for you.


3. Ad Size 


Google AdSense offers us 5+ sizes of ads.

  1. Responsive 
  2. Horizontal Banner
  3. Vertical Banner
  4. Rectangular 
  5. Custom Size 
  6. Links Ads

You can choose any of these ad units according to your need and your reader’s interest. If we talk about famous ad sizes then custom and responsive are mostly used. 

Customizable and responsive ad sizes and link ads can be very useful if I talk about my experience and I use that in my blog. 


4. Ad Format


Never make the mistake of misunderstanding ad type and ad format. Ad types are only three types while ad formats are more than four. Which I am telling you.

Banner ads: This is the basic ad format we use in top 7 or bottom.

Interstitial ads: This ad format is perfect for video content, natural breaks & transitions. 

Rewarded ads: This ad format is used for short video with playable ads and surveys.

Native ads: This is a customizable ad format that matches your content. 

You can understand the difference between ad type and ad format and it will help you to read this article.


5. Ad Size


Some AdSense publishers do not customize the ad color and customize it so much that there is no difference between ad and content due to which you get invalid clicks.

Depending on the content of your site and blog to choose. Which will match your content and attract your user and click on it as much as possible. 

Default ad color and custom color clicking makes a huge difference. So be sure to pay attention to it.


6. Auto Ads:


Many blogs use auto ads. Using auto ads show your ads in unwanted locations which is why ads with low CPC on your site show up when the impressions are high and ad clicks are not received.

You will find many more ads placement articles in this blog in an Adsense category. You can also read these articles. 


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About the Post: 


If you understand the information and ad placement guide given in this post correctly. You can earn good money on adsense with less traffic. 

If you liked today’s information, share it with your other AdSense publishers and if you have any questions about this post. You can ask us in the comments.

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