How To Create A Website On Google And Earn Money? 

In the modern age of technology create a website on google and earn money is not a difficult task. On the internet multiple online earning websites are available no matter which is your interest where you are going to make it that is your main source of income. You much have follow the effective online earning strategy as well as a passion for start hard work to build your website and rank in google first page. 


How To Create A Website On Google And Earn Money? 


Your first step is to decide your audience; Suppose Insurance And Finance is your hobby then you want to upload different type of Insurance And Finance tips and tricks with your audience. Then you can find a free templates of Insurance And Finance Niche.

You will get the design in your passion as well as images. After you can complete your template design then you can upload your pictures to make it unique. Buy a good domain name. It should be short and easy to read and unique. 


create a website on google and earn money


Domain name is plays important role in generating website traffic in your website. Then you can buy a best hosting plan and launched your website on the internet. After you can buy hosting plan then you need to keyword research tool and pick the best one with maximum searches and less competition. Make use keyword in your content and write 100% unique content then now your online earning website is ready. 

I will you recommended to share your content on different social media platform such as facebook, twitter, tumbler, and LinkedIn. Whenever you share your post in social media then your content to reach more audience then your website will gain traffic fastly.  

Now its the time to set up google adsense account in your website. You can go to google adsense and sing up for google adsense then you will generate a unique code and this code is add to your website. 

Once your website get traffic then google will track your website to check earnings and performance. You just have to follow the content creating strategy then upload your blog post regularly. If you can follow all the google instructions then your website get to higher ranks. A millions of successful websites are earning thousands of dollars in every month. 


1. Google Adsense


As an internet user, you can see multiple ads running on different websites. This is the so easiest way to earn money online. If you can sleeping by displaying ads on your website. You can create a free website using the WordPress and blogger platform. Bloggers is the free platform you can easily join now and build your website but the wordpress is paid platform and that is one of the free templates providers that allows you to build a website without hiring any developer and investing money.


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2. Affiliate Marketing


If you are looking for online earning websites then affiliate marketing is one of the best option to create a website on google and earn money. If you have right knowledge about the content writing then you can start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is about selling product of someone else by getting commission for every product each sale. You have to update your content for the promotion of the products. 

If the question is in your mind how you can build relationship affiliate partner and business. You can connect your content with their website by selling products through the affiliate links. 

The right way to generate earning is to link your blog with other brands that match the concept of your website. 

For Example: If your target content is Cosmatic then you should only targeting reputed cosmatics products brands. It is the best way to find your readers interest so that you can talk about the your favorites products and partners with some your niche related brands. 


3. E-Commerce


The online store is the best way to create a website on google and earn money. For the past few years, the internet users have show the interest in online shopping and they perfervid online shopping instead of going to the market. On the internet you can see multiple online earning websites that are making more money using this way. E-Commerce store business provide you to make money with less investment. 

If you can start your online store then you need to no worry about the rent of your shop, electricity bills and other expenses. You can simple create an e-commerce store website and invest your products, focus on the internet user specially for target the teenagers, keep using social media regularly and run paid campaigns of your products on social media to get higher orders. 

The best benefit of the online store is, you can take order in a 24 a days and seven days a week then you can make a contact with a shipping company at a discount prices. 


4. Sponsored Content


If you can make huge amount of money then you can creating a sponsored websites and social media pages. First of all you can create a free website and update regularly informative content. Which helps your audience to take advantages.

Then you can create a different social media page to increase your fan following. Once your website and social media audience is increased. Then you can share sponsored content to make a handsome salary by using internet. 

In addition, someone has started selling a men’s clothing line and he wants to sell their products online and his online store is new with 0 traffic. Because he has a huge fan following list and he wants them to share through his unique content and in return the entrepreneur will send him free clothing products as a gift and pay him some percentage of commission for each order.

If you’re interested in making money with sponsored websites then it is not a difficult task. You just have to set your routine and share the content with your audience regularly to reach maximum people in a specific niche.


About This Post:  


Today article i will tell you a few methods of earning money by creating a free website. All the methods required title investment and no investment. If you have interest in creating a website then you can create your website and complete your goals. 


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If you can work hard on your website then you can generate a handsome income every month. If you should rank a website in google first page to update your content regularly then you can avoid copyrights and plagiarism content. So I will tell you all the details about creating a website on google and earn money. 


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