15 Best Money Making Apps in Pakistan That Pay Real Money 2022

money making apps in pakistan

If you also have a smartphone and you use a smartphone then you must have used many mobile applications but do you know that today there are many mobile applications on play store where you can earn money and some people call these apps money apps.


money making apps in pakistan


Due to the popularity of technology, today we can do many things with the help of our smartphones that we once thought impossible be it shopping and transferring money online and earning money online from home. Today we can do this very easily with the help of these apps in our mobiles.

So in today’s article we are going to tell you about all these money making apps that are available on Google Play Store and with the help of which you can earn money.


Money Making Apps – Money Making Apps in Pakistan


 Well, there are many ways to earn money online from home but you should also know about these money making apps then only you can earn online but if you have a good smartphone. So you can easily earn money with the help of online earning apps.

There are many people on the internet who want to know if it is possible to earn money with the help of mobile apps. So in today’s post we will tell you that it is possible today and not one in play store today. There are thousands of mobile applications that you can start making money with.

 You also come across many money making apps in Pakistan which are fake and instead of earning money we waste our time on them.

 That’s why today we are going to tell you about all these money making apps in Pakistan which are used by millions of people. So there is no chance of them being fake.


What Are The Money Making Apps in Pakistan?


1. Fiverr


 As you may have heard about fiverr, actually fiverr is a freelancing platform and it is a very awesome money making mobile application that allows you to earn money online from home, if you want. If you have a talent you can earn a lot of money with it. Here you have to sell your services. This is the best money making app in Pakistan you can google it. It can be easily found on play store.


2. Upwork


 This is also a mobile application like fiverr, this is also a freelancing platform where you can sell your skills. If you have any skills then you can sell them very easily through this application. You can earn money from the internet with the help of and it is one of the great easy money earning apps in Pakistan. 


3. Quora


 As you know quora is a huge website which is used all over the world but now quora has also launched its own mobile app which you can easily download on your mobile. Recently Quora has launched its partner program with the help of which you can easily earn money from home by answering questions in quora. 

That’s why if you want to earn money from quora then download this application from play store now and start earning money by writing articles you can earn money from it for a long time.


4. Google Pay


 You can easily make all digital payments using Google Pay and earn some money in the form of rewards and cashback.

Google Pay offers cashback and rewards if you use this in-app offer like if you spend one rupee and more. You can get up to one lakh rupees with Google Pay. There is a chance to win if you use our Google Pay referral code you will get RS.51 in return.  So you can earn Rs.51 per referral code.


5. Google Rewards


 Google Rewards is a very reliable and trusted app because it is made by the world’s largest trusted and reliable company that’s why this mobile app is used by millions of people.

 It is a mobile app where you have to answer various survey questions and complete the survey given by Google. After doing this you get money as a reward from Google. In this you can earn up to one dollar after completing the survey.


6. TikTok


 You guys must know about TikTok which is a very popular application. Today you can earn a lot of money from TikTok. Now TikTok has made many people famous, not thousands but millions. 

 TikTok is a video sharing platform where you can upload your good quality videos and earn money from these videos. For more information you can read How To Earn Money From TikTok.


7. PUBG Game


 Nowadays many people have become crazy about pubg game. Who spend all their time playing pubg games on mobile and computer. Which only wastes your time in pubg games but now you can play pubg games. 

You can also earn money online with the help of the game. That’s why now pubg games have become crazy and people because now pubg games help you to earn money online. That’s why pubg games are now considered as one of the best money making apps in Pakistan. 


8. Youtube


 As you all know about YouTube. YouTube is also one of the money earning apps in pakistan. You can earn not thousands but millions of rupees with the help of YouTube and make your career in the online world.  Here’s a way you can do it for a lifetime.

You may know that people who work on YouTube are called YouTubers and in the future more money can be made from YouTube at home. So if you use the YouTube app. You can have your own YouTube channel. You can earn money online by creating videos and this method is considered as the best method. If you want to know more about YouTube read this.


9. Like


 It also works like TikTok and many people like it. Here you also get to see a lot of ads and with the help of this app you can earn money while in Pakistan. Also you have to upload your video as your followers will increase and you will start earning thousands of rupees. how to earn money from an app. 


10. Instagram


 It is an app made by Facebook which is very popular, used by common man to big celebrities and can also earn money from Instagram.

 If you go to YouTube and search about it. You will find many videos if you want to earn money from Instagram. First you need to increase your followers on Instagram then you can earn thousands of rupees from it. 


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11. Telegram


 This telegram also works exactly like whatsapp but it is much better than whatsapp and with its help you can earn money.

  1. Link shortening
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Promotion etc


12. Whatsapp


 WhatsApp is considered as one of the best online money making apps in Pakistan because WhatsApp is used by every single person. So if WhatsApp is used properly. You can make money online from home.

 We have already talked about 7 best ways to earn money from WhatsApp. So read this post for more information.

 So guys there are many applications on google play store that you can earn money with the help of different methods that’s why we told you about these applications that are currently being used by millions of people. If you have any application in mind which we haven’t covered then you can tell us in the comment section.


How To Earn Money From Money Making apps in Pakistan?


 Here it becomes quite important for you to know how companies earn money from mobile apps and this question often comes to people’s mind why an application will give money to anyone. So we also answer your questions. How any money making app earns money.


Money Making Apps in Pakistan


Google Adsense


This is a very easy way to earn money from online business. That’s why you must have seen Google AdSense ads on every blog, YouTube channel, website and apps.


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When you use any app on your mobile you usually get to see Google Adsense ads, which both your company and Google Adsense earn money from. So if you next time in an app If you see the ads. You will understand that these people are earning from Google AdSense.




 You have mostly seen that when you install a mobile application and then use it. It asks you to download another mobile application called a promotion.


Affiliate Marketing


 You must have heard about affiliate marketing. If you don’t know about how to make money from affiliate marketing then read this article.

 Apps make a lot of money through affiliate marketing and we are going to tell you that these are the three ways that most mobile application companies make money from monetized apps and there are many more ways that With the help of money making apps money can be earned.


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