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10k Views on YouTube

Top 10 Tips to Get 10k Views On YouTube Channel


According to YouTube’s new policy, we cannot monetize our channel before the lifetime total of 10k views on our YouTube channel. And you can’t put Google AdSense ads on YouTube videos, which means you now have to get free 10k views on youtube channel to monetize your YouTube channel. And here I am telling you the top 10 tips to get 10k views on youtube channels. By following live you can start earning by completing free 10k views on youtube on your channel.

Lots of people are not getting views on youtube channels. Those who want to make money online by working on YouTube, but their dream remains unfulfilled. They give up and stop uploading videos on YouTube. 

That’s why I’m writing this article today so that no one has any difficulty in completing 10,000 views and you can follow these simple tips to complete youtube views. 

If you can try to complete 10k views on YouTube in one day, all you need to do is use the right method. You can then start earning by monetizing your YouTube channel videos. 


10k Views on YouTube



How To monetize To Get 10k Views On Youtube Channel


I have already told you in full about how to increase views on youtube videos in one article. If this trick doesn’t work for you, you can follow the tricks given below. 


1. Select Your Goal


The first thing you need to do is decide on a target for your YouTube channel. Why you created your channel and what kind of videos you want to upload to it. Where do you want your channel to go don’t just think about earning but think big. 

Set a goal that you can do better, there is a big difference between walking on an unknown path and walking on a conscious path you can understand. So make a target and set a goal. 


2. Complete Make Youtube Channel


After you set a goal for the YouTube channel. Your second task is to complete the YouTube channel from all sides so that any user can come to your YouTube channel. And open your YouTube channel. So your YouTube videos could not be seen. That’s why you use this tips and tricks.

Channel Name: Find out after a good name and title for your YouTube channel

Channel Logo: Set up attractive and beautiful viewer logo for your YouTube channel.

Channel Banner: Create and use eye-catching banner to make attachment to your YouTube channel. 

Channel Description: Make a complete described to your channel. So that visitors know what kind of content will be uploaded on this channel.

Your channel should be like a professional channel. I mean there should be no shortage of any kind on your channel. Anyone who visits your channel will feel that this channel is an export.


3. Create High Quality Content Videos


Is better than making a lot of crack and unemployed video. Using some time to  prepare four to five high quality content video. And make sure there are no gaps in your video. Only after completing all this you have to upload your youtube video on youtube. 

High quality videos mean that your video should have true and good information. And after watching your videos, viewers should like and comment on the video. Now it depends on you how much better video you can make. 


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4. Create Eye Caching Video Title


The best and easiest way to get 10k views in youtube your YouTube videos is to use eye-catching, attractive, effective video titles. When the title of your video comes in front of the user they want to see your video. So you have to set such a title.

If the title of your video is not right then of course you can upload as many videos as you want with high quality content. And even if you upload fifty videos instead of five. It will be very difficult for you to get 10k views on youtube free on your channel.


5. Add Best Video Description


You can use your video description to describe what is in your video. Here you have to write description about your video in text form. 

Most people do not pay attention to video descriptions and publish videos with simple video titles and extra descriptions. Which is very wrong so you have to write a clear description of your video in the form of your words. Only then can you complete your YouTube channel views. 


6. Use Tags Properly


Use video tags correctly and use such keywords in your video. Which is related to your videos and the most searched. Use keywords searched on YouTube more than Google. 

You can use trending topics and keyword research tools for the most used keywords. 


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7. Make Amazing Thumbnails


YouTube has more effective video thumbnails than video titles and video descriptions. The more amazing and effective it is, the more people will view your video. 

Your video thumbnails should be eye-catching, high quality, and clear. 


8. Review Own Your Channel Videos


Once you’ve done this, review your YouTube channel. I mean your YouTube channel’s layout, privacy, video behavior. So that if there is any kind of error anywhere you can fix it. 

The most important setting is the advanced setting of the YouTube channel. You can check that your YouTube channel has been made public by going to the advanced settings of your YouTube channel and here “Allow my channel to appears other channels ‘recommendations” Option must be enabled.


9. Setting Youtube SEO


Your uploaded video should appear in YouTube and Google search. This is very important for YouTube SEO. So that people can easily find your video by searching on Google search engine and YouTube. For more information you can read these articles. 


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10. Promote Videos on Social Media


Finally you have to make video promotion to bring you to the views on youtube videos. The more and better you promote your YouTube video. You’ll get more views in just as much time and in less time. The easiest way to get more views is social media. 

Including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Google Plus, etc. Promote your videos on all social networking sites. Also, do as many links share as you can to your video.

After all, views on your videos will start coming. Soon there will be 10k views on your Youtube channel and you will be able to monetize your YouTube channel and run ads on it. 

It depends on your YouTube videos when and when the views on youtube good youtube channel will be completed. The better your YouTube videos. The more people will watch and enjoy your videos.

I mean, you get views according to the quality of your video. This can take anywhere from a day to a week. Promote as many of your YouTube videos as you can at the moment. Request not only on social media but also your friends and family members to watch, like and comment on your video.


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