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After blogs, YouTube is the second largest online money making platform, many people and friends are also earning millions of rupees from YouTube. It is very easy to make money from youtube all you have to do is create a video and upload it to youtube. But those who are new youtubers come to YouTube. There are lots of problems facing increasing views on youtube channels but I am going to tell you some tips in today’s article which can youtube views increase online.

YouTube is an online platform where you get many movies, songs, dialogues, videos, and much of the most educational content to see on YouTube. Millions of people upload videos on YouTube but they have some videos on millions of views and some videos are on which the views are very low. 

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Where people upload millions of videos, movies, songs and short movie clips and much content that people have uploaded on YouTube. You will find all kinds of videos on YouTube. I myself have made a very good earning from YouTube and I also hope that you will be making a very good earning from YouTube


Increase Views in Youtube Videos


Top 10 Effective Tips To Youtube Views Increase Online


Getting more views on YouTube videos is not an easy task but if you follow the tips I am going to tell you. You will easily youtube views increase online. And you can make good money too. If you upload videos with attractive, watchable content to YouTube these tips can be very important and valuable for you. 


1. Use Amazing Title of Videos 


Just as titles are important for websites and posts. So titles are so important for YouTube videos. Whenever you upload any video on youtube. youtube is asking for a custom title for you. To set the custom title of your YouTube video. This title appears with the thumbnail of your YouTube video. That’s why whenever you upload a video. You must write a good title with it. 

The title of the video attracts the most users. A good title with good search and impressions can get you youtube views increase online . You can read this article to know more about it.

Always research and choose the video title for which you can find the best searched keywords using Google Keyword Planner Tool. In addition you can use many tools including ubersuggest, keywordtool.io, semrush, ahref etc.


2. Create a Own Blog For Your Youtube Channel


Your YouTube channel can receive quality and organic traffic from Google search engine but if you create your own blog with your YouTube channel. It may prove to be the best. 

The main reason is because you can promote your videos by sharing them on your blog. But you can also earn money by installing Google AdSense ads on your blog. There are two ways you can earn money by doing one thing, your YouTube video will be promoted and you will be able to earn extra money separately from YouTube. 

The great advantage of this is that once you set the title of your YouTube video. You can share it with another title on your blog. This will get you traffic from Google search engine in two ways on the same topic. 

For Example: if you on YouTube “How to increase youtube views 10 Powerful Free Tips”  Uploading videos from the title. You can do seo optimization, change the title, share on the blog and get more organic traffic. 

At the same time you can embed your video in the blog so that if any user comes to your blog they can watch your youtube video directly from your blog. The same post that also has a video ad increases its ranking in Google search engine and also increases the chances of coming in first position on google. 

Additionally, you can increase views by adding a link to your YouTube channel to your blog and you can also increase your subscribers by adding a direct YouTube subscribe button to your blog.


3. Use Custom Beautiful Thumbnails


YouTube has launched a number of features to engage people. Such as the custom thumbnail feature to make videos more effective. Which is very smart. 

I personally tell you to use custom thumbnails in your youtube video. This makes our YouTube videos look useless and we can’t even impress our viewers. If you design a good thumbnail for your video. 

This is because many videos do not have a custom thumbnail which causes the user to ignore it. If you put a custom thumbnail in a video that video will be effective for you and the user will also like it. If you think you can’t create a custom thumbnail for your video every time here’s the best way to do it. 

That you can take a screenshot of the best scene of your video and put it in the thumbnail of your video. it will not waste much of your time. it will not take you even hours to design a custom thumbnail. 


4. Add Better And Clear Description 


Just as it is necessary to write a long description for a blog post. So it is necessary to write a good description for a video. Many people like to read the description before watching the video. And let’s see what’s in this video that’s why description is very important to give the video a good look. 

In the Depression, you can use major keywords and related keywords on your video. if you have any post and an article. You can link it here. Additionally, You can add your social profile links. So that users can contact you and adding video descriptions adds value to your YouTube view. 

That’s why you should write a complete description of the information you need to provide in your video in your YouTube video description. 


5. Use Social Media Networking Sites


According to my personal experience. Just sharing your content on Facebook and Twitter is not enough. If you think so you are absolutely wrong. you need to learn more about it. 

Social media is very important in all online businesses without which it becomes very difficult to promote your content. If you haven’t yet shared your YouTube videos on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. You can start sharing now.

Apart from social media networking you can share your videos on social bookmarking. Reddit is also a great platform for sharing your videos which gives you great results about youtube views increase online. This is a very professional platform for chatting. So you can share your videos on it too. 

Promoting videos on social media is very important but the most important of these is Facebook in which you can not only share your videos but also invite your friends to subscribe to your channel.  

The better your content the more the Facebook user will like it. Many people who do not want to read the blog want to learn everything through video. So you can also make helping videos on it.  You will get more views on youtube channels. 


6. Read Google Guidelines For Youtube SEO 


This is especially important because it can put your YouTube videos in the high rank of Google. Google checks the quality of videos to bring YouTube videos to the top in google. That’s why Google has developed a separate algorithm for YouTube. 

Google doesn’t look at what’s in the video it looks at what the video is about. And first of all, he knows about the quality by looking at the video description, thumbnail and other features. 

I am sure you will start following Google’s YouTube algorithm. If you want to get youtube views increase online free. I am sure that after that you can bring search traffic to your youtube videos. 

If you want to become a successful youtuber in the days to come. You must read Google’s Terms and Conditions. It will teach you a lot and you will be able to do a good job. 


7. Keep Optimize Length For Videos


This is another great way to get the best and best results on youtube. When a user comes to watch your video he first sees the length of the video. How long it will take him to get the information about his work.  

Everyone wants to get all the information in a short time but uploading a short video doesn’t do you any good. it only decreases the value of your YouTube channel. 

If you want to know according to my experience how much time and size video should be, my answer is that your video should be at least 3 to 4 minutes long, not too long and no less. You just have to upload three to four minutes of video. 

I do not mean that you can upload videos of less than five minutes on youtube. You can, but I do mean that people are interested in short videos and earn very little. If you make money on Google AdSense. You should focus on long videos.


8. Build Your Networking


If you’re still using YouTube doesn’t your experience say anything and you can’t promote your YouTube channel on your own. You’re great if you can. 

Talk to your friends and others about your YouTube videos. And ask them what kind of YouTube video I should make next. And which of my videos do you like best?

You must have learned a lot by using YouTube. What mistakes are hurting you. Improve your work by looking at it and always think in your mind before you get into what people are talking about. 


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9. Use End Screen And Cards


Always use the end screen and card in your youtube videos. The advantage of this is if any user comes to your video then after watching your video in full user will click have a card on this video. Doing so gives users chances of going to another video. And if he sees your first video in full, it will show some of your old videos at the end of the video. Clicking on it will also take you to another video. Doing so will also allow you to YouTube views increase online.


10. Create Playlist on Youtube Videos


One of the best and easiest ways to create a playlist is to convert the views to increase. Whenever you upload a video, make a playlist related to that video with it. This increases the chances of your video being added to your playlist by older users. And by doing so. You can also increase views on your YouTube channel. 

You’ve already helped your audience find your video, click on it and you can watch all the videos in the playlist. So it makes sense to guide them.


Final Words: 


This information can get you millions of views on YouTube. You will have millions of people at that time. So you understand these things and publish effective content. it is best for you to bring your video to the top in youtube search and youtube views increase online

If you have any other way to increase views on YouTube you can tell our reader about it in the comments section. If you have any questions for today’s post. You can ask in the comments section.

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