Top 13+ Most Profitable Blog Niches List That Help You Make Money In 2022

most profitable blog niches

Do you want to start your own blog but you don’t know which topic and niche to choose and which one to work on?

Choosing the right niche will be enough to make money for creating easy and attractive content for your blog. 

Today, in this article, you will tell you in complete detail about how to choose a most profitable blog niches. Which will help you earn money online. First of all you should know what a blog is.


What is a Blog?


Blog means the website that has updated content daily. Which we usually say in the article. And these are specifically written on a daily basis usually we call posts that show them in our blog menu. 

When the blogs came to the market. They were to be seen in Diary. The people who used to share information on different topics of interest with the writer. Even more blogs are working similarly but now a large number of bloggers focus on a specific content. Which is interested in blogging and their target a specific audience.

A blogging platform is one where you can easily create your blog. First blogging and second wordpress will get two platforms without coding. Blogging is a free platform while WordPress is a paid platform. 

For Example: The ( a blog that shares your own information about wordpress, blogging, and youtube in full detail. 


How To Make A Blog?


You will need three things to start your blog.

Domain Name: Domain name is your site address  (like is You will find a domain at a very affordable price in the market. Which is more than ten to fifteen dollars. 

Web Hosting: Web Hosting is your site’s online storage. So that the visitor can access your site easily. You will get hosting at a very low price in the market by which you can easily create your website on wordpress. On wordpress you need hosting that you have to buy. Read this article if you want to know more about it. 

The best hosting websites are Hostinger, GoDaddy, Blue Host, And Name Cheap etc.


most profitable blog niches


Can You Make Money For Blogging? 


Starting a blog does not make you rich overnight, but one day you can definitely make money from blogging.

Some new small bloggers targeting the specific audience can easily make money online and generate the specific income using a blog. Famous popular blogs make seven to eight thousands rupees income in one month. 

Some Popular using different methods to make money from blogging. That is called monetization on your blog. 

These rules are followed by some most popular bloggers for monetization methods used in blogs all over the world.

Advertising: Advertising is the first method you can use in blogs and earn money online. The advertising network runs through google adsense on your blogs. Instead some bloggers sell ads directly to companies. 

Sponsorship: Sponsorship is paid content from advertisers. This is the shape of the form paid sponsored blog post. In this method you can also include social media posts and instagram and use other social networks. 

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing means you can promote other platform products on your blog. If any one clicks on the link of the product. You can get some commission by selling products through blogs. That is a nice way to monetize your blog. 

Digital Products: Digital Products means you can sell different types of products like Ebooks, Online Course, Music, App, Software, and more. Digital Products have a low competition but every blogger can use this method to extra earn money using blogs. 

Services: If any of the skills come up to you. You can provide the service to your client through a blog. If you are a writer, coach, photographer, video editor, that is a great way to monetize your blog and provided services. 

Physical Products: Physical Products have a higher amount than digital products. Physical products are a great way to make money online. In this field you can make an online store in wordpress and start selling stuff. 


Things To Consider When Choosing Your Blogging Niche


Some bloggers can start a blog but it will die within a few weeks and most do not work properly in your blog. That reason is it will be left in the blogging field. 

You can select whatever best blogging niche, make sure you are interested in this topic. 

This would help you write it easier to stick to it and keep yourself motivated. It is also important to consider in blogging field.

Do you know enough about your niche to be able to write confidently:

It is best to start a blog on one topic that is you are able to write a post. You don’t need to be an expert in a niche. You can start writing about it without having to do loads of research. 

Can you easily make money from your niche? 

Some blogs work on all sorts of topics and make money online. Some topics are easier to monetize than others. If a blog writes about uninteresting topics and little known topics the reader is not interested in then he can’t make much money on your blog. 

Have you chosen an appropriately sized niche? 

It’s best not to overdo it. If you are targeting an “everyone” audience, chances are you will end up with “none”. Try to find a sub niche that suits you. 

Are you happy to have your name associated with your niche? 

While it’s okay to blog anonymously if you want to, monetizing you can be difficult. 


Top 13 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Will Help You Make Money 


Maybe your mind may already have a niche for your blog or may not be, which is going to tell you about the topic of all that is one more than one. 

You can still solve any of the topics in which you have an interactive. This is a very large popular niche. It is roaming around us on which people are working for years and earn money online. 


1. Health and Fitness


Health and Fitness have a very big niche for you. You already have to find the audience. If you are blogging on this niche.

Health and Fitness is the most profitable blog niche. It is very profitable. Millions of blogs available on this niche that may be your opponents. 

There are a lot of different niches on which you can start a working blog. 

A certain diet: gluten-free, raw food, paleo, etc.

A certain type of exercise: running, cross-fit, weight-lifting.

A certain audience: men, women, young, old, and children. 

A certain approach to health: homeopathy, wellness, acupuncture. 

Sharing your experience: if you start your own health blog & journey. Share the knowledge with your readers through your own health and fitness blog.

Many people are working very well on health and fitness blogs. So that health and fitness is the profitable blog niche.


2. Personal Finance


We all need money but want to earn some more money and want to spend less and collect. Personal finance has a lot of traffic in the niche. You can see and work with different ways in personal finance you can write on these topics.

You can choose one of these about writing:

Frugality: anti-consumerism, money saving tips using coupons. 

Investing: best index funds, angel investors, Marketing ideas. 

Debt: mortgages, student loans,

Budgeting: motivation, cost-cutting tips, software. 


3. Fashion 


Fashion is a very most profitable blog niche. Which is one of the most important for earning money. If you run instagram and post it this niche is the best for you.

Where people of many fashion industries live online. Many fashion blogs work on bloggers because they have to add lots of pictures. If you do not want to tell you about yourself and you want to be anonymous.

And you hate pictures, this kind of fashion blogging is not for you because even if you want to make a blog about fashionable and specific trends. Or if you want to share fashionable news, fashion blogging is better for you.

You will think that fashion blogs can only do women but it is not true because today the men are present in the fashion blogs. 

Many men who are doing fashion blogging. Therefore fashion is a most profitable blog niche.


4. Life Style


You will be thinking of what is the lifestyle in blogging and what is the importance of you. If you are new in blogging. You are forced to think I’ll take away your thinking. 

Lifestyle means themes to describe themes in the same aspect that are attached with one person. 

For Example: you may have a lifestyle blog on which you are working on all women. Which are focused on beauty travel and hair and you can have a blog on which you are writing about style, fashion, and music for twenty-five and thirty five years old.


5. Business and Marketing 


There are many blogs that are currently written on business and marketing from the blog. If you know a lot about blogging, you must often hear and you have to feel that there are a lot of best blogs in the market that talk about marketing and business. 

If you have a little experience of business or marketing. You can start a blog on which it is a great idea like our other testers in our list. It is a very good thing for you. So you need a better theme for your blog. Now we tell you some ways you can write in your business and marketing blog.

B2B: (business to business marketing)

B2C: (business to consumer marketing)

Entrepreneurship: starting and growing companies 

Small business: more and more people are attached to self-employment. So this is the best sub niche to get a target. 


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6. Technology and Gaming


Technology and gaming is a best blogging niche for making money through affiliate marketing. You can manufacture and gaming software companies, websites like amazon. 

The best way to make money online through advertising and affiliate marketing. If you are not writing articles and product reviews then technology and gaming is the best way to earn money online through affiliate marketing.

You can link to products and software using affiliate links. If any person buys any product and software clicking on your link you get a commission on this product. 

Now we tell you some ways you can write in your gaming and technology blog.

1. You can write about different types of equipment and gadgets like phone handsets, fitness trackers, digital cameras, chromebooks and tablets etc. 

2. You can write about different types of games like facebook games, PC games, mobile games, etc.

3. You can write about different types of tutorials of softwares, like Photoshop, adobe premiere pro, PicsArt etc. 


7. Travel 


Travel blogging is a most profitable niche that is very best for both reading and writing. In this you will have many opportunities that you can make your successful blog. 

If you are a travel enthusiast. You can tell others about your journey through your blog and share your experience with them. You can earn money through affiliate links in travel blogging. 

You can put affiliate links of different hotels and affiliate links of travel items in your blog. If anyone buys something after clicking this link and booking a hotel. You will get some commission from it. 

Taking good pictures is very important for your travel blog. If you want to attract people to your blog then take a picture and put it in your blog. Will be much better for your travel blog. You can create your blog on various topics. I will tell you more about it.

You can write your own travel blogs in this topics: 

1. A certain type of countries: You can write about specific countries, restaurants and hotels. 

2. A certain type of travelers: female travelers, families travel, 

3. Write about travel deals: for flights, hotel packages, etc. 

4. Write about your own travel blog: You can provide travel information to people through your travel experience. Brands can make this easier to monetize. 


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Other Top Niches For Blogging To Start Work


Of course not only the same. Which you have told, but more are too much if you work on them. You can earn a lot of money.

Maybe you are not interested in any of the ideas we have mentioned, nor is it suitable for you, do not force yourself to work on any blog in which you are not interested.

To get you started on the blog. I’m going to tell you about even more new blog niche ideas. After reading which you might be interested in working on one of these niches.


8. Craft Blog 


If you like painting, jewelry making, sewing, and any other kind of profession. You can also create your own blog on it.

There are currently a number of blogs in Google and Pinterest that are making a lot of money. You can monetize your blog stand out by adding any crafting tools or supplies to your blog.

If anyone comes to your blog and buys any kind of crafting tools or supplies. You will get some commission in return. This way you can create a crafting blog too. That is a most profitable niches idea


9. DIY Blog


If you are interested in decorating and building your home then you should create a diy blog. There are currently more than diy blogs available in Google. With the help of this you can create your own blog. Which is the best niche you can monetize through affiliate marketing. 


10. Parenting Blog


If you have children. you can create your own parent blog at this time there are many parents’ blogs available in google. if you are a mother and father and you are building a child. You can write about it on your blog.

For Example: how to raise a child. So on your topics. you can write your blog articles. You can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing.


11. Educational Blog


If you have a teacher and you know about a topic that you have good information about and experience. You can make an educational blog. At present, there are many educational blogs available on Google

Blogs that people teach something they live in the sight of people. In this you can earn money by selling online courses, online info products, and any information book. 

For Example: if you are experienced in coding. You are teaching people about coding. So it is a best blogging niche.


12. Make Money Online Blog


Making money online blogs is the best niche for starting blogging. Because every person using the internet earns extra money through their own blog. There are millions of searches in google and youtube.

In this way you can tell others online money earned, earn money online tips and tricks. 


13. Food Blog


If you are an expert in cooking and interested in cooking. You can make your own food blog in which you can share with people different food recipes etc. In this you can earn money by promoting various companies’ services. There are many food blogs that you can see and start your own blog. 


Final Words To Choosing Best Profitable Blog Niches


So friends, In today’s article we have told you about the most profitable blog niches if you work on one of them. you will earn a lot of money within six months and one year.

I hope today’s article would have liked you. If you have any questions about today’s article. you can ask us in the comment section. After reading your comment we will definitely reply to you and solve your problem.


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