Top 4 Ways Earn Money Online For Students Without Investiment

Earn Money Online For Students Top 4 Ways

Hello friends, in today’s article I will show you earn money online for student top 4 ways. Before you tell your friends about these methods. It is very important that you have these things, It is very important that you have a mobile or laptop and computer, some of them and also the internet. You can easily Earn money online for students using the internet.


earn money online for students


Earn Money Online For Students Without Investment


1. Daraz And Olx


As I know most people will know about Daraz and Olx. If you don’t know, let me tell you. Daraz and Olx is an online shopping store which you can use from all over Pakistan.

You can order anything online after liking anything, and in a short time or in a day and two your order will be received by you sitting at home via TCS. You can use two payment methods. Is done, One of which is cash on delivery and the other way you can also make an advance payment.

Now I will tell you how you can earn money online as a student using Daraz or Olx. So first of all you have to create an account of Daraz and Olx. After creating the account you have around you.

Have a look at a store that has an atom that you can sall on a daraz and olx. For example, If you have a machinery shop nearby you go to that shop and take pictures of that machine. Upload it to the daraz and Olx with its price and description, then you go to Facebook and create your own Facebook page.

After creating the Facebook page you also have your own. You have to upload the picture of the machine with price and descriptions, then after adding to the various buy and sell groups on Facebook. you also have to upload the pictures of your machine in them with prizes and descriptions.

Once you have done this, you will have the advantage that if anyone likes a picture of your machine and reads the price and description written on it.

They will place an order with you, as soon as they order. You have to go to this shop and buy this machine at its price. After purchase you have to send this machine via TCS to the address given to the person who ordered it.

Remember that you have to receive the price of the machine in advance before placing the order, this way you can earn money online for student. So friends, this was the first method you can use online earning for students can be done, there will be some of my brothers who will not like to do this work. So my request to all these brothers is that you are doing these small things and will earn so much money online that you. There will be no need to work, now let’s move on to the other way to earn money online for student.

2. Social Media Services

As you all know that nowadays everyone wants to increase the number of subscribers and watch time and views on their youtube channel.

So you can provide them with social media service like instagram Increasing followers, increasing followers of Facebook page, various types of services like this you can provide through social media service, you must have seen a lot more groups on facebook where people have Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers.

If youTube watchTime is selling such services then they are called social media services in simple words, even using them you can make money online as a student. Now let me tell you that. how do you make money selling this service.

Friends, first of all you have to join different groups on Facebook, after joining the group you have to find people in these groups who are social media services are needed, after finding them you have to take orders from them, and the service they need related to social media you have to give them, this service.

Let me tell you about one of the best sites to give to this site is called Total SSM Panel which you can use to provide social media services, including youTube watch time and youTube subscriber. And you can provide services like youTube views, instagram followers etc.

you have to buy the service from this website and keep your profit and give it to your client.

So friends, this is another smart way to earn money online for student. You can earn money online at home.

Friends, now let’s talk about the third way you can make money online for student.

3. Sale Old Accounts

So friends, the third most important way in my opinion is to sell your old account. There is a huge demand for this method in the market these days because everyone wants to buy an old account.

For Example:  You can still make money online by selling an old facebook account, selling your old Gmail account, selling an old youtube channel, or even a service like this.

You can buy and pass on the client, even more you can earn money online for students, so let’s talk to friends now the fourth way. we can make money online.


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4. Referral System

So friends, our fourth method is the referral system. Referral system is a way to make money online which I have been using personally. You may have noticed that many companies and software and mobile apps on the Internet nowadays, offer you referral systems.

The purpose of which is to make money only through you. This means that through you promotion of their app and site for which they pay you. Referrals System means inviting your friend and someone else to the app and site you are using, if they accept your invitation and then click on your link on the site. Creates an account then it gives you some money from the company. Which in simple words is called making money from the referral system.

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So friends, in today’s article I have told you earn money online for students top 4 ways. I hope you liked today’s article, if you have any questions about this post. If so, you can ask me in the comments section. I will definitely answer after reading your comment.



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