8 Top Ways To Increase Google Adsense CPC (Simple Trick)

Increase Google Adsense CPC

There are many ways to make money from blogs and usually money is made from blog placing advertisements and google adsense is the most used for placing ads on blogs but if your blog has google adsense cpc and Google Adsense Revenue is very low. A matter of concern to you.


Increase Google Adsense CPC


Every blogger wants to make money from his blog but even after working hard. He knows how to make every little money mainly due to the lack of Increase Google Adsense CPC.

Because more and less your Google Adsense revenue depends on it. If your blog has more Google Adsense CPC then you can earn good money from your blog.

When we become a blog and put Google Adsense Ads on it. Then Google Adsense CPC is low in the beginning and especially in pakistan it is generally low but you can be increased. Yes, you need to know CPC Google Adsense, CTR and CPM First.


Increase Google Adsense CPC


The complete call of CPC is Cost Per Click. When someone clicks on an ad displayed on your blog through Google Adsense. You get paid for each click and how much money they get. This is Called CPC.

The higher the cpc google adsense of your blog. The higher the Google Adsense Revenue. You can check your daily blog CPC by visiting Your Google Adsense Account.


Increase Google Adsense CTR


The complete call of CTR is Click Through Rate. Which means the percentage of clicks on all the ads that Google News has on your blog.

For Example: Google Shows 100 ads on your blog and there on 10 times then your Blog CTR is 10%.


Increase Google Adsense CPM


It is also a key factor Increasing Google Adsense Revenue the full name of Cost Per Thousand indicating how much Google Adsense Pay from 1000 impressions on your blog. There will be Google Adsense Revenue increases.


How To Increase CPC Rate in Google Adsense?


In pakistan you should know blog cpc is usually very low due to which google adsense revenue is very less because we get paid for clicking on ads. So if your blog cpc is low then we make very little money.

That why it is important for our blog to have high cpc. So today article we are going to tell you about some tips using by which you can increase adsense cpc rate of your blog.


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1. New Google Adsense


If you’re recently run Google Ads on your blog. It’s only natural that you’re given a lower CPC in the beginning.

But if you start your blog by targeting a country where the value of the currency is high. You get a high CPC like USA, Australia, Chanda, Islands, UK, Germany, Switzerland etc.


2. Organic Traffic


The most important thing to make money from any blog is to have traffic on that blog. So there is no point in advertising on the blog without traffic because as long as there is no ad on your blog. You will have ads on the blog and you can’t keep making money.

In the beginning, you get traffic from social media on which you get less CPC. So try to get more organic traffic on the blog. If someone comes to your blog through a search engine you will get more CPC.

So, a Search Engine Optimized blog that helps you get organic traffic and is a way that you can bring tens of millions of visitors to your blog every day.


3. Size of Google Adsense Ads


It is very important that you choose the right ad size for your blog because you get increase adsense cpc depending on the types of ads you see on the blog.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to go to a big bloggers blog and create exactly the same ads and put them on your blog because you don’t have to cpc increase adsense from them.

That’s why it’s important to use the right ad size and ad position. We’re telling about the ad sizes that you can use to increase cpc rate on your blog.

  • Half Page skyscraper (300 × 600)
  • Leaderboard (728 × 90)
  • Medium Rectangle (300 × 250)
  • Large Rectangle (336 × 280)
  • Large Mobile Banner (320 × 100)
  • Mobile Leaderboard (320 × 50)
  • Extensive skyscraper (160 × 600)
  • Portrait (300 × 1050)
  • Billboard (970 × 250)
  • Square (250 × 250)


These ads are mostly used to increase adsense cpc rate on your blog. You can also increase the adsense revenue of your blog by creating this type of advertising unit.


4. Create a new ad Unit


If only we would get Google AdSense approval on our blog once. We create an ad unit and use that ad unit for many years. So if your blog cpc is very low then you can create a new ad unit and replace the old ad unit with them, even after doing so the increase cpc rate on your blog.


5. Experiment With Google Adsense


Many bloggers put similar ads on their blog after seeing other blogs but the same ads do not necessarily help increase the revenue of your blog and the methods that other bloggers use to increase blog cpc. So also work on your blog.

That’s why you have to experiment with google ad sizes and ad position. Where and when you place any type of ad. You get a good cpc and increase revenue. So you have the right type of ad and position for your blog.


6. Link Ads Vs Display Ads


Many people believe that links ads pay more than display ads but we believe this is the opposite because display ads are more attractive and the advertiser has to pay more to Google for it. So display ads get paid for clicking on ads.

But it is true that there are more clicks on link ads than on display ads. Which makes more money than link ads but if you can get clicks on display ads in the same way then blog cpc google adsense increases a lot.


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7. Use minimum Advertising:


Most new blogs use a lot of ads on their blog. Which also lowers the blogs cpc is also reduced. So you should use 3 to 4 ads on your blog post.

Finally, you can use auto ads on your blog. Which makes your blog professional and also help to increase blog cpc and google keeps on giving many features from time to time increase the earnings of the publisher. It helps to increasing google revenue.


8. Write Quality Content With Keywords:


Quality and unique content helps your blog rank well in google which gives you great traffic as well as CPC and you can increase Google Adsense Revenue by using high cpc keywords. You can increase your blog google adsense revenue by taking care of some other things like as:

  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Fast loading Website
  • Increase in CTR
  • Increase Domain and Page authority
  • Increase Search Engine Traffic
  • Write long Articles
  • Proper Keyword Research
  • Use Responsive ads
  • Use Responsive Templates
  • Select best niche for blogging


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Using this method, You can increase your blogs cpc and increase google adsense revenue. We hope you enjoyed our how to increase cpc in google adsense post.

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