Google Adsense Earnings in Pakistan Per Click $10-50 Dollars Daily

Google Adsense Earnings in Pakistan

You may be wondering about Google adsense earnings in pakistan per click $10-50 dollars with the help of Google AdSense. But it is not a difficult task. You can do it too. To do such a thing. You should have a little bit of information. So today we talk about today’s article Google Adsense earnings in Pakistan that you need to do for it. 

“Can you explain why you can make so much google adsense earning in pakistan“. This question was asked to me by a friend of mine and a reader who visited my website. I would like to give you a simple answer that you should use high CPC keywords in your post.

Doing so will increase your Google Adsense earnings. But you must first have a thorough knowledge of Google Adsense.


Google Adsense Earnings in Pakistan


There are two types of people in the world right now: one is hard work people and the other is smart work people. Hard working people are always behind smart working people.

Always those who succeed at every work according to their own methods and always try to do more than the others.

A blogger and a website owner is always the wish as the rank of its website will be good in Google’s position. For this he publishes good and real content on his site and blog. And to write the most separate articles. Try to express his visitor at this time his talent works that people like it

After working so hard. He gets so much right that he gets the benefit of his right to work. In other words, If he gets paid for his work then if he is using Google Adsense ad on his blog then the biggest problem for him is the CPC.

Because of which some bloggers had to leave blogging but when I found this thing. I was very sad for such bloggers. That’s why I’m writing this article today for all my AdSense users who are worried about low CPC.

As you all know, click on Google AdSense in Pakistan $0.5 to 0.20 get up to. This is not a one website on the internet but you will find millions of websites on it. But there is no problem in the world that has no solution. I mean there is a solution.

I guarantee you can earn 100$ dollars per day from Google Adsense while living in Pakistan. For this you have to keep some of the necessary things. Now it’s on you how much the prescriptions succeed in it.

So friends let go and i will tell you how is possible Google Adsense earnings in Pakistan per click $10-50 dollars.


Google Adsense Earnings in Pakistan


As you know, how much organic traffic is important for your blog. And maybe you will know that to take traffic from search engines. You need SEO search engine optimization.

You have to focus on some important things to earn 10-20$ dollars from Google AdSense.

  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Organic Traffic
  • Google Adsense Terms

Just you need to be exported in these three. If you have good information about them and you can handle them well.


1. Long Tail Keywords:


Long Tail Keywords play the most important role in earning from the adsense. I can say this for granted. If your use of the keywords in your article has been done well.

Your blog post will be in high ranking in Google. Google AdSense will give you the related advertisement that you will have more benefit.

You can use some online keyword research tools to find the long tail keyword of your blog. Such as google AdWord keyword planner, semrush, Hit Tail and others.

If you talk to me then I will advise you to use semrush and Hit Tail etc. The reason for this is that you show the best performance report than the other related tools. Well, the Google keyword Planner Tool is also very good. You can check any keyword CPC of all over the tools.

Hit Tail tool provides you. Your site analysis report and long tail keywords. Which improves your content quality in google search engines.

If you talk to me about my choice I would recommend you to use a semrush tool.


Use Semrush To Find Profitable Adsense Keywords: 


A very best marketing tool to do the semrush keyword research. It is not using the semrush tool at this time. Because of which I can not guide you well. But I will tell you so much that you want everything you will find in this tool.

Here is the most important thing for us. How to find Google Adsense high CPC Keywords using the semrush Tool.

It’s very easy if you have a premium plan for the semrush tool. You will easily find the high CPC Keyword information.

Please login your semrush tool then write your corresponding keyword in the search bar and click on the search. Then you click on the list of keywords and click on CPC list keywords. Now you can see the High CPC Keywords in the Driving Traffic Permanent Form here.

Finally, you can copy any high CPC keywords you need from here and use them in your blog post.


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2. Organic Traffic


Now you may be wondering what Organic Traffic has to do with Adsense CPC in fact visitor New coming from search engines. When he comes to your site and clicks on ads and goes to the advertising sites. He is fully interested in it. Then AdSense likes such a visitor the most.


For Example:


I got 16 dollars per click from AdSense. While I am from Pakistan.

Similarly, let’s say you have ten thousand page views daily on your site. And if you get five thousand page views from search engines then I think your adsense will easily earn fifty to one hundred dollars.

And if you get tens of thousands of daily page views on your site but 2000 traffic from search engines comes to your blog then you can hardly earn 30 to 40 dollars.

To get organic traffic you need to have good SEO knowledge. If you know how to do SEO then you can easily handle the traffic coming from search engines.


3. Google Adsense Terms


Follow all the google adsense terms & conditions: The biggest secret to making good money from Google AdSense is that you should never violate the Google AdSense Act always follow its rules. Here I am giving you some reasons.

Some new bloggers use more than three ad units on their blog as soon as adsense is approved. They show ads on their site but their CPC decreases. I think $ 0.02 to $ 0.05 CPC must be found.

Consider that if you do. It will take a long time for your CPC to return to normal. I will not force you more than once you follow the AdSense policy. I guarantee you earn 100$ dollars daily change.

Following AdSense terms does not mean that you use only 3 AdSense units per page on your site. As you know Google AdSense rules are very strict especially for Pakistani bloggers. So please try to follow AdSense rules as much as possible.

Google AdSense changes every week and month. So you need to stay up to date. You need to know how to make more money from adsense and how with ads we can earn more than Adsense.


About This Post:


Now that you have a good understanding of these three steps. I will follow these tips on my blog. So now you can decide what to do next and how to use AdSense.

So now let me know in the comments below what you are going to do in the coming future and what you are going to change in your blogging to make good money from Adsense.

If you liked the tips in this post be sure to share this post with your social media friends. And if you have any questions about today’s post. You can ask us in the comments section.



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