Top 13 Blogging Mistakes For Beginners To Avoid In 2022 – Deadly Blogging Mistakes

Blogging Mistakes For Begineers

Hello friends, how are you all friends? As you all know that blogging has become a business nowadays that’s why a lot of people are starting blogging but those people started blogging a few months after they started blogging they fail because they make some mistakes in the beginning of blogging.

Which is why they fail in blogging, that’s why in today’s article I am going to tell you in detail about some of the Blogging Mistakes For Beginners that is why you will tell me to follow all the information well.

So that you do not face any kind of failure while starting blogging nor do you face any difficulties in your future blogging career. So you don’t make these mistakes in blogging. So friends, let me tell you about the first blogging mistakes.


Blogging Mistakes For Begineers


16 Top Blogging Mistakes For Beginners



1. Wrong Niche Selection


When you start blogging the first thing you have to do is choose a niche. You always have to target the niche that you should be aware of and you are interested in it and very much about it.

You can easily write more informative articles. That’s why you have to target the niche you know about, many bloggers who do not select the right niche that causes them to fail in blogging. 

For Example: 

if I am interested in the basics of the job niche but I’m writing about articles for blogging. And I don’t know anything about blogging. So I won’t be able to write much about blogging because I put interest at the bottom of the job niche which is why I will fail in my blogging career.

This is one of the Blogging Mistakes For Beginners about which I told you in detail. Now we will talk about other blogging mistakes for beginners.


2. Wrong Blogging Platform


If you are new to the field of blogging then you have to first select one platform on which you want to start blogging. you get two platforms to build your blogging website.

One is Blogger and the other is wordPress. Blogger is a free platform on which you can easily start your blogging journey. On Blogger you don’t need any budget.

it is absolutely a free platform.  While WordPress is a paid platform. You can start your blogging career by spending three to four thousand rupees. This is a paid platform. So you have to select the right platform so that you can avoid blogging mistakes.

There are many bloggers who do not select the right platform because they fail in the field of blogging. From my point of view WordPress is a good platform that I personally use. So now I have told you another blogging mistakes for beginners, now we will make mistakes in blogging.  Let’s talk about the third blogging mistake.


3. Wrong Hosting Selection


You have to select the right web hosting when you start your blogging career many new bloggers do not select the right web hosting when they start blogging which is why their website does not rank in Google and if any users comes to their website so the speed of the website is very low and the server of the website goes down due to which the bad experience of your website remains above the user that is why I suggest you. If you have to select the right web hosting let’s talk about the next blogging mistakes.


4. Not Using Custom Domain


You do not use a custom domain for your site.

For Example: If your site is on Blogger but you do not add a custom domain with it. After writing such an article you get approval from google adsense along with a blogspot domain and then you want to add a custom domain with your site and transfer your site to wordpress.

Doing so will require you to re approved  google adsense on your site. One of your blogging mistakes is a very big mistake. So you don’t have to do anything like that Which is why you can fail in your blogging career.


5. Article Writing Skill


If you want to start a blogging career, you must learn article writing skills. Because you can’t succeed in the field of blogging without article writing skills.

This is why it is important to learn article writing skills. There are many people who do not know how to write an SEO friendly article. Which cause they get fail in the blogging field.


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6. Using Copyright Material


Many new bloggers use copyrighted material on their websites. Which can fail in their blogging career. That’s why you should not copy someone else’s content and not put it on your website. 


For Example:


Many such people will pick up data from my website and put it in their website. That is why you should never don’t pick up someone else’s site content and put it on your website.


7. User Friendly Design 


There are a lot of new bloggers who are new to the field of blogging. So they keep changing the theme of their site which is not a good thing. That’s why you have to choose the same theme which does not have to be changed again and again.

If you keep changing the theme of your site, your site will not be able to rank website in google first page


8. More Than One Blog 


There are many bloggers that start creating more and more blogs as soon as they enter the field of blogging and think that by doing this we will earn a lot of money from blogging. So this is one of the blogging mistakes. You should work on the same blog until you succeed in it. You don’t start another blog. 


9. Site Backup


Many new bloggers who do not back up their site. if you do not back up your site then you should back up your site. Because if your site gets deleted for any reason and your post gets deleted due to a major arrow. You can restore them because you have backups in these site.


10. Focus To Much on SEO


Most bloggers focus more on SEO. They think that focusing more on SEO will lead to quicker success. While in reality there is no such thing, you should not focus too much on SEO but you should focus on blog content. 


11. Publishing Short Content Regularly


There are a lot of people who keep publishing daily short content at the top of their blog which has no value in the eyes of Google. So you should publish it after writing the long content.


12. Content Not Focused In Your User


Many bloggers write content that the user who comes to your blog does not understand about which he needs information. The user does not get the information on your blog which causes trouble to the user. And it doesn’t come back to your blog. So you have to write content that the user should understand. That is another blogging mistakes for beginners


13. Poorly Formating Content


Of course you have written as long article as you want. There is no point in writing a long article unless you format it well. Many new bloggers do not format the article properly after writing it. Which is why blogging fails. So you have to format your blog post content well, and don’t make this mistake in your blog.


14. Not Linking To Other Content 


Many of these new bloggers don’t add a link to someone else’s content in their blog after writing an article which makes their blog can’t rank in Google. And they all fail at blogging. So whenever you have to write an article. You must include a link to someone else’s content. That’s why bloggers make one of these blogging mistakes.


15. Not Promoting Blog Content 


Many such blogs do not promote their blog after writing content on their blog, meaning that they do not share their blog post on other social media and don’t promote your blog through Google Adsense and Facebook Ads. Due to which no user comes to their blog and they leave blogging. Whenever you write so you must share own blog post on social media and promote your blog through Google Ads and Facebook ads.


16. Not Defining Your Target Audience


Too many new bloggers who don’t know which audience and country to target. So you should first target the audience and country that cause them to fail in blogging. So whenever you are starting your new blog you need to target your audience and country then you will be successful in blogging.


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So friends, in today’s article we have given you complete information about the blogging mistakes for beginners and Why do bloggers fail. If you have any questions related to this article. You can ask in the comments section. We will tell you the solution to your problem after reading your comment. Thank you.



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